I painted an old lineart I found on my folders (this was supposed to be for a drawing that I never finished ahaha;;;;;;;)



for my waifu Aki who made up these cute characters that I really wanted to draw

they look like lesbian pokémon trainers to me omg

here’s a speed paint

I love this game

I want to paint my friends’ linearts because tbh I don’t like how I draw people and spoilers: my friends draw 2cute

I don’t know

Some ideas I had the past week///////

Ahhh look what came on the mail today;_; Tania’s too precious and I want to spoil her with lots of gifts too

What do you mean I haven’t drawn my favorite touhou??????impossible.

A friend wanted me to play mother 2 and I did, I love this game so much and I love Paula a lot too ( ´∀`)